Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters

Good to see Steve Coogan back on TV [with Rob Brydon] this week, and as expected the ‘Riffing and jamming’ on this new clip is top shelf

3 responses to “Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters

  1. it’s like living with lots of Banksy’s who wanna kill people

  2. So happy to see that he’s still got it.
    I did have reservations when I heard that a drinks company was sponsoring it but luckily they haven’t ruined it with product placement.
    And now that I actually live in Norfolk the humour just seems even more funny.

  3. DJ Greenpeace in the building, good to see you sir, some ‘back of the net’ classic lines in the making here…the Belfast element was choice but the Anthea Turner ‘Wind in her hair’ stuff destroyed me…

    Cheers Ben, no doubt, the marketing folk at Fosters have obviously agreed to his choice of presentation and the visual criteria of how the 12 episodes will shape up, yep, 12 eps…. back of th’…….enough already

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