4 responses to “I HATE RAP MUSIC!

  1. I always enjoy on Eggheads when Chris gets a question about rap which results in a “rap is a genre missing a letter C at the beginning of its name” rant.

  2. 1. This bloke is good. Subject matter aside he can make an infectious lyric.

    2. Why do I agree with 95% of what he says? Am I getting old?

    3. I almost believed her l’il redneck monologue until the fake tears.

    And I hate rap music. I hate it from the start.


  3. Ah, sweet rednecks with no camera skills, too cute

    These people are empty-heads, perfect fodder for us, we love a good anti-Rap empty-head

    Homeboy in the first clip looks like some frustrated Hip-Hop afficionado, that has failed at Rapping and now wishes to further himself by pretending to hate Rap, I bet he’s made a Hip-hop demo years ago, and now pretends to abhor the very culture he wanted to be ‘down’ with, or not

    Brian – Jokes, my Mum did that for many many years

    and yes, Ben, yer gettin old fella, more tea and biscuits for you, now where’s my slippers…

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