Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus

I’d love to see the looks on contemporary marketing and promotion teams faces if an artist suggested a promo where children get escorted onto a bus with few windows.

Okay, so Steinski utilised sections as part of Lesson Two/ James Brown Mix with Double Dee back in 85. Rodney O & Joe Cooley also sampled from it on the Cooley High 12″ [of which the opening to my copy is worn to buggery]. Timbaland did summat similar for Missy Elliots Work It, as well as Tim Simenon for the Bomb The Bass classic Beat Dis, but who knew there was a promo for this 1980 novelty ?

Ahh, the never-ending treats from the internuts.

One response to “Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus

  1. ha! ha! buggin…

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