Charlie Rose interviews Jay-Z

Charlie Rose, if you dont already know, is a prolific veteran talk show host and journo, here he takes time out with Jigga to discuss the publication of the Decoded book. They cover many subjects over his long career, discussing amongst other things, just how important the rhythm, rhyme, cadence and talent of wordplay is within the culture of Rap singin’. It’s truly refreshing to hear what most of us elders consider to be the backbone of Hip-Hop discussed so openly, with the potential audience of millions, shame the majority of music buyers still only singalong to the choruses, one day at a time eh? Did YOU know that the ‘Bitch’ in 99 Problems was in reference to the canine variety and in no way a misogynistic term? Here it from the camels horses mouth

Regardless of whether you enjoy his music, just listen to the man and recognise the poignancy in Jay-Zs return to his roots to tape this at the Brooklyn Museum, in front of his Mother and extended family.

NB. If all you can say after watching this is in reference to Shawn Coreys cock-up in naming the Fatback record incorrectly, stroll on hater, yer not welcome round here. Were all about that grown jones you jamoke !

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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