Soulman – Drugs mixtape

3 responses to “Soulman – Drugs mixtape

  1. Nice one craig, I’ve got some soulman tapes to put up on my blog and I’m sure this was one of them.

    Are we in an arms race now?? 🙂

    • Mr Peters sir – Do NOT hesitate to get some Soulman up there fella, im gutted I dont have more

      Arms race, hell naw, its all love doggy…. Keep on keepin on, I say

      Anyhoops, I couldnt compete with the volumes of goodness you got comin through, im just happs I inspired ye

      Im in no way a fan of jungle but the BIG TIME/ Bad Ass / Drop Top Caddy period when Mickey Finn and the Urban Takeover label were makin noise was a period I enjoyed, if only the first few

      If youve got any work from that period, dont hesitate old boy

  2. WORD!!
    Thanks for posting this.
    Keep on rocking…

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