You Look Like Shit…

More video editing of the mostly def variety…

4 responses to “You Look Like Shit…

  1. Brilliant stuff, Craig.

    Top insults. But what is that film with Scottish guy who effs and jeffs throughout most of the film. He’s a government aide or something? I think James Gandolfini was in it, too. I need to see this.

    And as for the first vid. I’ve always subliminally thought this but had NO IDEA how much ‘you look like shit’ has been used in films.

  2. Ben

    Peter Capaldi is the effer/ jeffer –

    The chopping is perfect too, editing of any sort is an unsung craft if ye axe me

  3. Yep, dat’s da guy.
    Editing like this gets my juices flowing fo’ real. And you being a Steinski guy knows that much.

  4. i was always more shocked how no one got pissed off when people told em they look like shit. that malarkey gets you a slap irl.

    also whoever made the “looks like shit” vid had a very strange liking for bruce willis films, regardless of quality- the one where hes in the coastgaurd is particularly desperate, havin sufferd through it once before years back

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