The Overlord of Fresh Live in 1989 AKA Three Times Dope on Arsenio

Hilltop Hustlers Chuck Nice, Woody [Duerwood Beale] Wood and The Overlord of Fresh EST, collectively known as 3D, perform Funky Dividends on The Arsenio Hall Show back in 89. If you axe us, Michelle, the lead in this tale of fiscal woe, was ‘everything but a sleazebag slut’. First she was with Steady B, then when pressed during this live performance, she attests to spendin time with Kool Moe Dee as well, allegedly he ‘had it all’ [sans the Liz Claiborne]. He had some silly eyewear we know that much

NB. If I wanted to sport the EST hair-style, what would I need to axe for?

Bonus Version Excursion…

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