City Of Paranoia DVD release

There’s a certain beauty in vandalism, it has the ability to arouse something in a number of us that others may not be able to comprehend, unless theyve experienced it first-hand.

This latest in a long line of Graffiti DVDs, City Of Paranoia, highlights the risk involved in these activities and just how fresh some of the style and artwork still is in 2011. It’s all London and home counties based, with South West trains and the London Underground gettin savaged. Remembering that alot of this material is buffed soon after it appears, sometimes without the trains getting commercial runs, or alternate documentation other than this footage, major props to the folk behind the film. Dap also goes to the writers with their bolt-cutters, beer boosting and other shenanigans. Some shots of the rolling stock as London ‘stretches and yawns’ during the early hours are truly enchanting.

The eery backdrop and the accurate portrayal of the atmosphere of these acts of vandalism is captured perfectly, adding another dimension to this subterranean world. The background music is intriguing too [Aerosmith, in a graff vid? Skinnyman is standard, but Aerosmith?]. From the crackin Trail of The Dead opening track to the grimey wobble-step that gets used as a bed at times in this film, the music has its moments good and bad, but generally it sounds as youd expect, the editing is bang on and makes up for any over-usage of a stereo-typical soundtrack. Read a real review of it on a real graff site here

Naturally, watchin this kind of thing on YT compared to the real deal sucks butt, so keep an eye out for the DVD at

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