Lords of Rap – Stix ‘N’ Stones EP 1992

We dont do many vinyl ups but this one is a classic. Im not a huge fan of, and have an insufficient archive of quality UK based Rap, but the 3 B-Side cuts on this EP from Battersea crew Lords of Rap are top quality, and funny, and find subject matter in such diverse topics as mates that have ugly GFs, and being pissed off with CD sales takin over vinyl, and well, you listen…

They were one of the few crews that gained praise from the simple fact that they resisted using American accents. Their strong SW11 pronunciations lending themselves to one of the most original EPs in UK Hip-Hop history. I mean, how could you resist this eloquent and refined word-play regarding a lady…

“Fancy your chances, I dont fancy yours much. She’s saggy bout the breast and her crutch has seen too much.

She’s double scary, sometimes I get lary. Have a word with ye bird an’ cover her face cos its hairy”

Lords of Rap – Stix ‘n’ Stones EP

1. Stix ‘n’ Stones
2. Stix ‘n’ Stones [Remix]
3. Stix ‘n’ Stones [Bullie Mix]
4. Where Does The Xtra 3 Quid Go?
5. Cease And Seckle
6. Fancy Your Chances


Shouts to Art Jaz

One response to “Lords of Rap – Stix ‘N’ Stones EP 1992

  1. you can hear hands on the turntable in the hook, just like on it’s my thing!

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