MTV Mini-Doc about sampling – 1988

Just another one of those slightly twee docs from the MTV crowd during the late-80s, but quite interestin and at times quite funny. It features  very main-scream examples of a few version-excursions, De La EPK footage, and short talking heads interviews with Bob Clearmountain, Kool Moe Dee, Tom Petty of all people, as well as Jonathon Moore and Matt Black from Coldcut showing us erm, ‘How it’s done’…

One of the highlights in this clip is LL shootin the gift. Here’s a bonus LL nugget. LL is ON FIRE in the studio with P-Fine. If youve ever enjoyed his early Rick Rubin gear, listen to this…

P-Fine WNYU Rap This! – LL Cool J Interview [1986]

6 responses to “MTV Mini-Doc about sampling – 1988

  1. Very interesting stuff. I’ve always been on the fence as to which way the sampling debate should go. And now 23 years later I’m still none the wiser.

    I think though, if an artist has disguised the sample enough not to be easily identified then that’s fair game. As for De La’s man saying they’d digitally manipulated from the original for ‘Transmitting…….’ then that’s just silly. That one was always obvious.

    Good to see that the majority on this video were pro-sampling.
    And the sight of seeing Debbie Gibson again after all these years has just sparked off a Debbie versus Tiffany debate in my head, mmmmmmmm 😉

  2. Ive never had a Debbie versus Tiffany debate, it’s always been a dream-like scene featuring both [TMI?]

    Matlock from Tommy Boy looked like yer typical dodgy lawyer type but it was LLs analogy that piqued me, he’s always been top quality in interviews…its all fair in love and war, and sampling…

    Personally, im the same as yerself Bennyboy, its gotta be so disguised that it cant be detected, if the legislative aspect is to be avoided. Other than that, I think its fair game, I dont agree with it, but thats just the way it is…. [nobody mention MC Buzz B]

    On a side-note – ‘Eyes as big as jolly ranchers’, that’s still annoyin me [Im sure I’ve admitted it in the past, but im like a dog with a toffee with these things]

    Hope yer well – CL

  3. Way before De La lifted their sound, The Turtles had been fleeced twice by their management so I guess this was already a sore point for them as they were probably sick of other people getting paid for their music.
    On the other hand, I’m a fan of the Turtles but would probably not know them had it been for De La Soul and the Beasties sampling them.

  4. “Eyes as big as jolly ranchers”… you’re wondering on that one? Lyrics Born, recorded during the Endtroducing sessions. shadow has some interesting anecdotes about issues regarding trying to get Mr. Born to finish recording a track he was committed to, but it’s all love and no hate.

    As for the Turtles, those guys are a great example of hippies becoming yuppies and losing whatever made them special. I know they got screwed by their management but I also believe they’re just sheisty, but it seems like more people in the music biz are shiesity so I guess they’re in the right field. As for their sample, yeah, Tommy Boy’s lawyer is full of it, but I still think they took it too far. Sampling that little bit from their record isn’t like sampling Daryl Hall singing, and De La didn’t borrow any of the true melody of the song or lyrics, so I think they were just going after what they thought was an easy target. Honestly, as ridiculous as this may sound, I would never have made the connection between that track and the Turtles if I hadn’t read about the lawsuit years later, but that probably has more to do with me turning off that wack Turtles track whenever it came on the radio. Sorry, but I gotta call it as I see it.

  5. there was a time when all drugs were legal. and then someone o.d’s and ruins it for all of us.
    same goes for sampling. it was a free for all, now it’s regulated.

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