for those of us who are beat minded this is the holy grail. and those copies of “to sir with love” (shit film by the way, lulu’s in it) can go on ebay. science.

9 responses to “Solved.

  1. That, sir, is just heaven. What a sublime sample.
    I know it’s on Herb’s Fat Albert Rotunda album – which I’ve had for 15 years but haven’t listened to for 15 years.

  2. maybe youre thinking of “rise”…the hypnotise sample?
    and if you wanna offload that, gimme an email.

  3. c’mon son, stop being a little girl and ‘solving’ shit for the people. let them figure it out..hip hop sucks cuz of people like YOU, word up

    • Yeah, Craig.
      Stop giving us all these beats because hip hop is all about being an elitist snob, homes.
      I remember saying the same thing to that sucka ‘OriginalSource’ on Youtube. Made him cry like the l’il bitch he is. Word.


    •…where do i start?
      so, you knew the break for shook ones part 2, and just sat on it, cos you think that telling people what havoc sampled 15 years ago, which has become something of a holy grail within hip hop sample fiendery,
      is snitching?
      i guess you’ve made it when you have your own troll..fuck.
      little girls know the shook ones breaks?
      shit, catch me at the school gates tomorrow hassling little cindy for the piano loop on “survival of the fittest”…you make me, and us, laugh.

  4. it was actually the ultimate beat-miner Mr Styles that upped that wee doozy, and he’ll speak for himself when he’s ready [This is the man that can spot a break in a feckin TV ad even if the tellys’ in the other room] true story

    until then …@audiotech –

    Hush now little one, youll understand when yer grown that’s it good to share. I’d like you to explain why the basic sharing of this information is a poor and ‘girly’ choice on our behalf

    Primarily Hip-Hop and the advancement of the culture benefits because of people like us. The teachings that pioneers handed down advanced the culture, nothing else.

    The advancement of the creativity used to make even more good Hip-Hop music can only develop with understanding and knowledge too, that is fundamentally why we share. It’s also just a great piece of music by an incredible artist, which makes you my little whipper-snapper friend look like an adolescent little troll-boy

    Now stroll on

    @Ben, as you were sir. Thanks as ever for your constructive comments

    Let the haters hate and the ballers do something much productive with their time

  5. Can I get a yes? (yes)
    Can I get another one, yes (yes)
    Do I get wreck and get respect? (yes)
    Lyrically I can get wreck!

    Like Curly G Cradlerock once said, BAMMMM!

    In case you hadn’t noticed, look at the banner at the top of the page……yeah, that big one. That one you can’t miss. Read it?
    And if I might quote yet again, this time from Messrs Serch & Nice, ‘There it is. In black and white’.
    Kind of hints at what the aspects of this site is all about.


  6. re: the banner

    so true, funny how it seems to elude some of the more myopic of the lumbering masses around us

    like sweet shops, we get all sorts in here

    cradlerock style !

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