Low Profile – Pay Ya Dues

The riff to this has been rattlin around my head for days now…

It’s a Low Profile clip from 1990 that features a malnourished DJ Aladdin. It’s an entertaining wee video with cameos from Ice-T and Ice Cube, as well as a very young and also rather slender Coolio. I always liked the theme of this track, pay your dues or you aint nothing. Shouts to Warlord, & Janis for the vid…

Below is a distorted MPG of the track and the alblums both the track and the break were originally released on [The JBs, possibly the tightest group in the history of Funk and Soul?] :

Low Profile – We’re in this Together [320]

JBs – Breakin Bread

Low Profile – Pay Ya Dues promo Video

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