Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 – What’s not to like?

Just a quick heads up for those that arent already aware, a new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm kicks off tomorrow night in the US.

If you have misanthropic tendencies, if you find it difficult tip-toeing through the terrains of social interplay, or maybe you are simply a yammering old maggot, this show is for you. Love him or loathe him, Larry delivers the truth, go on an testify !


2 responses to “Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 – What’s not to like?

  1. Holy hell, i dont have the hbo and didn’t realize this started already! So i just grabbed a link at phila and will be watching once it finishes dl’ing. Thanks fer the hedz up! So many great recent shows are bangin out this summer.
    We got this, Louis, and Breaking Bad. Also Rescue Me’s final season but they really fell off a few seasons ago. And the new Wilford gets teh honorable mentionz. I’m actually excited about TV for the firs time in many years!

  2. Cheers V – Co-agree on the Breaking Bad and Louie, which is a personal fave now that im a year younger than he, and EVERY joke, and virtually every nuance of his writing is spot on [I also like that when Louie appears on talk shows, no ‘chat’ is the same from show to show, im feelin that freshness. Cramming in Season3 of BB before the next one appears [very soon] and yes sir, indeed Wilfred is worthy
    Cant say Ive watched Rescue Me, thats the Leary joint right? Not a fan of Dennis and his Bill Hicks bitin-ass ways. Have the No Cure CD, and really like it, but always felt like I was cheating on Hicks…

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