Stu Bangas Brutal Beats Vol 1

this first beat is firey hot shit, like you just ate vindaloo in the loo, knomesayn?

4 responses to “Stu Bangas Brutal Beats Vol 1

  1. Why has the dude got a wallpaper on his Mac that appears to be a picture of black dude wearin’ a pair of novelty fake tits?
    (Of course I jest, but at 1st glance it duz look like it) 🙂

  2. i think this needs to be investimagated…but if it’s alreet for gazza, s’allright with me..

  3. After further investimigatin’, and further perusal of Mr. Stu Bangaz Youtube clippage, it appears that the ‘Diamond D wearing novelty tits’ wallpaper is in fact an image of Reef Tha Lost Cauze wearing boxing gloves.
    A classic case of mistaken identity and a vindication of Stu’s taste in wallpapers. Somehow I kinda feel disapointed that there was no deeper mystery;-)

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