Typhoon Crap

It is a rare scenario that I shriek with laughter for any length of time, unless it is caused by the leanings of the god Larry David, Louis CK or HOTASBALLS associate MrStyles. When I watched this clip below, I laughed so hard that my brother left the principal activities of stirring risotto in the kitchen, and sprinted up two flights of stairs cos he thought I was having some sort of fit, true story…

Im so blessed to have stuck with Hip-Hop, continually enjoying the soundtrack of my youth, watching the younger folk take the format and the blueprints, doing their own thing with them, creatively forging new ways of doing what we already did. It is even more rewarding when sincere Rap-singer entertainment like this comes along and makes me snort coffee out my nose. I cant hate on anyone these days, it’s a real waste of energy, I prefer to laugh…

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