Style Wars 2

This whole shenanigans reminds me of Blade asking his listeners to fund his projects way back in the days of wayback, way back in the days… Hopefully if I donate to Henry, he wont call me up and then proceed to misunderstand me, asking me to repeat every feckin word I say like No Sleep Nigels mate. You’d think he’d never met an Irish person before.

Anyhow, here and now, if you want to see a Style Wars 2 in the cinema, it seems that the only way it may ever see the light is to get yer donations in to Mr Chalfant, he aint gettin any younger ye know/ it is on its way. As long as we have as many classic quotes like that of the late great  King o’what, we’ll do just fine.

“Oh, you vandalism and all that. Yeah I vandalism alright”…

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