More Rap rarities from DWG

Emskee is an MC I know very little about, all I know is he’s a good MC, and as ever here at the BALLS we’re ultra-magnetic when it comes to anything that involves Rap radio, so this was sure to catch our attention.

On this next double drop of DWG action, the Diggers With Gratitude label are unleashing 6 previously unavailable tracks on one EP and another 8 radio promos on a completely seperate piece of vinyl. If youve ever had a thing for ‘Hip-Hop on the radio’, station IDs or the minutia of Rap radio, get involved. There are 8 promo cuts that ‘were recorded between 1992-95 for various well known NYC radio DJ’s’ such as Flex, Doo Wop, Awesome2, T-Money and Dr Dre as well as a Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 89.9 promo. Check out the snippets.

Diggers With Gratitude are good peoples, not just for the rare as hens teeth prized goodies they periodically let loose from the ‘back of that stack’, but they are a knowledgable bunch too. Get yer arse over to the forum for a community more than happy to share knowledge [and jokes] and gettin to the nitty-gritty of this Rap isht. Since 2004 theyve released previously unattainable music from artists like Main Source, Big Daddy Kane, Phill Most Chill and a shed-load of others. Peep the releases theyve already dropped.

They both went on sale this week, and the radio promos are limited to 175 copies [and theyre on blue vinyl], so get in where ye fit in…

More info at DWG or on Discogs

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