Krush Rap TV

According to his bio, ‘Michael Elliot is one of the most accomplished African-American screenwriters in Hollywood’. After creating his own publication Krush Magazine [the very first dedicated solely to Hip-Hop, a few months before The Source appeared], he has written screenplays for movies such as Like Mike, he has worked for Puffy at Bad Boy and he penned the publication The Unsigned Rappers’ Guide to Getting a Record Deal. Elliot went on to become Director of Special Projects at The Source in 1992.

I’d never heard of Hip-Hop music video program Krush Rap until I stumbled across this EST freestyle clip below, the show was recorded in Philadelphia and broadcast on Saturday nights [BTW. Keep an eye out for the jacket worn by the ‘Overlord of Fresh’, is that a Dapper Dan?].

In this nutty clip from 1990, as well as his inability to look straight into the camera, Larry Larrs ability to pull off the Reebok 5411s in bright baby blue [The price of the ‘Hi-Top Freestyle’ after tax] is impressive.

Krush Rap was a show that was syndicated to ’21 markets’ within its 2 year run. With his charismatic and almost avuncular hosting approach, Mike Elliot presented Rappers of the moment in interviews and freestyle sessions and the like on a weekly basis. As youll see, he had a go at social commentary too. As I said, I’d never heard of the guy or this show before yesterday, but the clips that have been uploaded to YT are yet another slice of the dusted off Hip-Hop documentation I really enjoy seein on the web, fundamentally I love a good throwback.

These aint new per se, theyre just new to me. The Main Source clips see super-producer Large Professor discussing his views on the subject matter of Looking at the Front Door.

Mike knew the value of apparel and branding way-back when too…

Classic Tribe Called Quest street scene intro: ‘On the corners, brothas bop their heads, from the high-tops to the knotty dreads’ indeed…

Social Commentary

3 responses to “Krush Rap TV

  1. E.S.T simply held the finest most OG rap vernacular on the planet at the time + sporting that ‘Hellafied’ new wave afro was outrageous!. 3D so so dope to the highest degree. ‘Original Stylin’ without a doubt forever one of THE most listened to albums in my collection.

    This is a fine post CL a treat i have never seen the footage before.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The ‘Overlord of Fresh’ is still one of the best titles any Rapper has awarded themselves, and that fade, say what ? thats a DOOZY judge !

    OG Stylin is a great great alblum, no doubt, a really good group but ES stood out for me, such a distinctive sound and flow. Glad ye liked the clip, it was just another stumbled-upon piece, gtta love the internets for the throwback goodies

    All the best fella

  3. I remember the week that the show had Kool G Rap & DJ Polo on. It was around the time that ‘Live And Let Die’ was releasing, and those two and their crew, including Bill Blast, were hilarious during the segments. ‘Krush Rap’ was on every Saturday at my crib. Great program, great host.

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