Stalley is that Dude..

if you like your rap earnest, like hemingway..and you can do no better at the moment than Cleveland’s own god’s son. Lincoln Way Nights The Fralbum got the re-master treatment after his signing with the Bawse himself, Rick Ro$$, late summer, and is out there to get right now. He speaks for himself on lyrical content, the sample is from one my all time favourites,”tecalli” by the Counts, and although using someone else’s hook is Violating the no-biting code, i’ll consider it an homage…Enjoy.

As incongruous as it sounds, Rick’s ear for music is pretty much undersputed, and all the filtering Rashad uses throught the album not only gets more out of the samples, but gives the whole project a unique (in rap, anyway, as we know, House music BEEN using filters, but on samples?) feeling..and the money gets this clip looking classy. Moody as Fuck.

here’s the Break, too. You see what he did there…

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