“Don’t you never take them gators off”

Never has the difference between the U.K and U.S.of A been so apparent.A very polite mr Mills puts up with Uncle snoop crediting him with the creation of Dubstep, not really something we associate Dylan Rascal with. and kinda dissmissing the whole GRIME scene at the same time.Clearly dizzie is a fan, and is soaking it all up, as snoop could talk shit for the planet.Dizzie’s ealier half time shit kinda was Dubstep, if you ask me, sonically, he also confirms my suspicions that his influences were from across the water, mainly the dirty dirty.  but you don’t hear me, though.

am i the only one that can see Snoop D-o-dubb is searching for somehing to fill the silence of the englishman, slightly buzzed off the “40 ounce of Joy”..

Great performance, though.Go DIZZIE!

even clearly faded, Snoop can light up the room, and from the laughter by the production peoples, he does.that’s charisma.

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