Urban exploration…

If I wanted to catch an ‘extreme’ activities vibe I’d either be on 2 wheels traversing a muddied forest trail behind Wimbledon Common at top speed, doing the weekly shop on a Saturday afternoon or jogging my 6’4″ frame around the environs of South London [both equally challenging, and dangerous]. I sure as feck wouldnt be mountaineering, bungee jumping or doing anything similarly ‘action sports’ based to re-up my dopamine levels. Do Champion do wing-suits ?

Im far from spineless, but no longer do I have the Superintendent Rawls to handle ‘urban exploration’. If I did I’d be in like a shot, but sadly my days of challenging and illegal nocturnal adventures are long over. Watching these counter-culturalists however not only gave my vertiginous legs a major wobble [even while sitting down], it also highlighted a fascinating underground element of London I wasnt aware of.

I just like the idea of nonchalantly walking into the lobby of a 72 floor ‘luxury condominium unit’ in Chicago with my nearest and dearest, and hangin out on the roof watchin the sun rise, or taking a dander to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge while the city sleeps peacefully below…

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