Chrome Angelz Exhibition…

Just a reminder that the first gallery exhibition of Chrome Angelz artwork in almost 30 years finishes at the end of this week…

The Chrome Angelz first came to my attention from the person that single-handedly kicked off the graffiti movement in Ireland. He’d been to London and met Aydee2000 [Artful Dodger] at a jam in Battersea South London during the Summer of 1986.

He’d come back with pics and shared some of the negatives [see below]. We then joined forces and began to do our thing on the walls of Belfast, the ones that werent covered in political murals. By the time 1987 arrived, I was hooked on the TCA style, and was boosting copies of  Spraycan Art from local libraries…

By the time 1988 rolled round I was finding Chrome Angelz artwork in promotional calendars at the record store where I was working. Click on the scans for full size action…

Above is the Why Does More Hip Hop to TDK? piece by Pride he did for that 1988 TDK promotional calendar, the same one Capital Radio DJ Mike Allen was featured on during the same campaign. TDK had been marketing their products with artists like Pride and T-Kid since 1985, but it was Spraycan Art that led to my unhealthy interest in TCA.

The shots below are from the Chrome A’z Roc So Fresh piece by Scribla at the Capital Fun Day at Battersea Park during 1986. Peep the T-Shirt’ also worn on children’s TV show No 73 in the same year…

As early as 1985 The Chrome Angelz had their work on TV shows like Pebble Mill and No73, as well as the Lenny Henry Show.

Also, check the FRANK151 interview with Mode, he not only dedicates the article to a dear absent friend, he talks of the Covent Garden days and the timeline of how TCA came to be…

Again, this is a reminder

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