Fuzz One [Vincent Fedorchak] in conversation…

The author of one of my favourite books on graffiti is legendary writer Fuzz One who started writin as early as 1970. The clips above feature nearly 30 mins of Vincent shootin the gift about the methodology of gettin up way back when. Its mainly tales about how much of a gamble tunnels, yards and lay-ups were back in the late 70s and fundamentally how difficult the yards where to enter. He explains the in-depth processes of NOT getting caught, and the significance of subtle subterfuge. He discusses how he disguised his car with a pink steering wheel and blonde wigs in the backseat to look like he was anything but a writer,  how unfriendly the transit auth cops could get if they caught hold of your ass and how you could be ‘fatally killed’ if you werent careful…

One response to “Fuzz One [Vincent Fedorchak] in conversation…

  1. Have to agree, Fuzz One’s book is without doubt the best read of all the graf books out there. There’s not much in the way of photos, but he really knows how to tell the story and you get a real feel for what it was like back in the day to bomb the boogie down.

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