DJ Cash Money – Summer 2012

DJ Cash Money just keeps on keepin on, check out these truly inventive sets from this year. He’s a monster on the decks, simple as !

Good to see Terry La Rock outnabout too..

2 responses to “DJ Cash Money – Summer 2012

  1. I’ve seen DJ Cash Money a couple of times and for me he is the greatest party rocking dj. The place was absolutely jumping.

    Funny memory – my pilled up brother and I went to see Cash in Birmingham, we were having a good time enjoying Chris Read warming things up nicely. Suddenly someone is trying to get in the fire exit behind us and my brother turns them away. I watch him, then point out he has just turned Cash MOney away from his own gig!

  2. Always a bonus turning the turn away !

    The green-eyed brother, the brother with the green eyes as ive said in the past, is savage, a MONSTER on the cut. The inventivesness is great, just happy that DJs are still bein progressive with juggles and whatnot. Wish he’d do more mix-tape work, he could clean up with distributed mixes. The Need to Learno and the Guess Whos Comin to Dinner mixes are unfeckwitable !

    I hear he’s back doin more stuff wih Marv, could be promisin

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