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Weve moved, it was a while back, but weve moved…..

Jeff Ross & Snoop gettin high talkin trash…

Snoop continues to sit in a warehouse, creating captivating TV ‘from a disclosed location’. In this episode, we witness one of the funniest men alive, Jeff ‘One ugly Mother-Fucker’ Ross show up, be funny and go pale.

There are endless one-liners, top questions/ cusses and interestingly, some touching insights, but hearin Snoop fall about in fits of laughter is a major highlight.


Snoop stand-up at the Donald Trump Roast.

Meme me up…

Jay Smooth is in danger of gettin memed beyond the hills with his one octave too high delivery, but he has a valid point. Memes are created by certain types of people, for certain types of people. Just ignore em Jay, theyll go away, youll see…

MC Mell’o & Cutmaster Swift Live at Notting Hill Carnival London ’88 – Strong Island Radio Sound System [Marc Mac and Ian Da Rebel]

DJ Jay & MC B [Trouble Rap], Biznizz, Pogo, Cutmaster Swift. So random.

Doo Wop ‎– Gangsta’s Paradise Mixtape

Doo Wop ‎– Gangsta’s Paradise Vol One [Part Two/ Gangster Classics – 320]

This is simply a greatest hits for the gangsters, please exercise some affinity with your community, and play this at a sociable level, in your drop-top Nissan.

“This is The Art of Noise, what did you expect” ?

It was the design of the Art of Noise picture discs that initially drew my attention to the group back in1985. The singles were pinned to the wall at Good Vibrations Record store in Belfast. Behind the counter of course was Mr Hooley who schooled an aspirational vandal in the world of Paul Morley and the significance of the group.

This ZTT podcast from 2006 features a number of juicy Art of Noise tidbits pertaining to the sleevenotes from the And What Have You Done With My Body, God? boxset. If youve ever wondered about the ‘sample source’ of the car ignition on Close to the Edit, listen up. If you ever enjoyed the Art of Noise, Paul Morleys imagery, the music or the affect they had on Hip-Hop, take a nosey at these clips.  The live set features some really nice freestyle piano on an extended Beatbox. #justsaying

The Radiant Child 2010 [Jean-Michel Basquiat Doc]

Couple of Basquiat pieces, a full length doc that was in a drawer for over 10 years gathering dust [stacks of interesting segments] , and a Rammellzee freestyle session [with graphics from Jean] from 1983.


We gonna do a song, that youve never heard before…

As well as dropping the most recent compilation of a long line of exclusives, Nova Scotias finest is back with more exclusives that you will only have heard before, if like Mr Bombay, you made them yourself.

Jorun displays care and attention and a canny ability to meticulously recreate instrumentals of classic tunes from the bare bones. He’ll take the original sample sources, breaks & bits and layer them til they are convincing enough to sound like they were legit b-sides on the original vinyl, except they werent.

Dont forget to check for his remixes of classics, remastered versions of unreleased tracks and of course, the follow up to the finest mix of 2012 [IMO].