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“That’s rubbish, there’s loads of guns in it, Turn it up”

some very nice quotables here..The full, well partial effect.Day Job steez.

Thank me later, like Drake’s uncle from Sly and the Family Stone.Thafe.

bonus..i believe this is an actual commercial..

“Your linking audio segments are Diamonds floating in a vast sea of Shit that is MTV. Thankfully I don’t have to swim around in it to find them! Thanks boys!”

“My dick is on the line…”

The big do-uble kicks a tale of a party we’d all like to be invited the Playboy mansion..

“The Chuurch is down, call the ambalance..”
oh, man.

T.O, you know…

As much as i like someone being called Swamp Donkey, and as much as i like Mickey Piretta, this is ALL about the video…the third guy is semi-nice,though, to my ears.

Canadians doing Hip-Hop??whatever next?..

The Video gets E for effort, and T for nice try…