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Trae The Truth’s new mixtape, The Blackprint (see what he did there..) is oot now, and fairly bangin’, if you like your southern Rap. Trae is going for the title, at least the title of King of Houston, and here, him and cousin Z ro, give tribute to 2Pac, and rope one of the OUTLAWZ in for good measure..enjoy.

“My dick is on the line…”

The big do-uble kicks a tale of a party we’d all like to be invited the Playboy mansion..

“The Chuurch is down, call the ambalance..”
oh, man.

Bit nippy out there, so…

a lil sumthing to warm the heart of your cockles…dope track, even better ladies…and some sunshine!

Evidence – You

just doin’ my bit for real rap music. so many gems dropped, and it gets deeper with every listen. i think i’m only really checking for about ten dudes in 2011, Evidence is one of them..and real nice to hear someone cutting havoc’s verse from shook one’s, not p’s…guwan mickey!


Roc Raida & X-Men on WNYU

“have you coughing up meat”

let’s be real, the first couple of mobb records have been weak..but this gives me a little hope..too many quotables, and they all, including yayo, shine in different, but equally quite grisly ways…this beat is hard as fuck, too.

lil bonus material for all gun rap lovers, yayo, harnessing the power of the jimi hendrix drums to great effect whilst threatening somebody..


for those of us who are beat minded this is the holy grail. and those copies of “to sir with love” (shit film by the way, lulu’s in it) can go on ebay. science.

“to burn my kush you must use fire”

nice lil nod to run dmc there..he has indeed fucked around and gone back to classic snoop, copped a serious beat and got a niiice co-sign from jibril himself.

smoke suttin’, it’s a beautiful day out there..