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Lords of Rap – Stix ‘N’ Stones EP 1992

We dont do many vinyl ups but this one is a classic. Im not a huge fan of, and have an insufficient archive of quality UK based Rap, but the 3 B-Side cuts on this EP from Battersea crew Lords of Rap are top quality, and funny, and find subject matter in such diverse topics as mates that have ugly GFs, and being pissed off with CD sales takin over vinyl, and well, you listen…

They were one of the few crews that gained praise from the simple fact that they resisted using American accents. Their strong SW11 pronunciations lending themselves to one of the most original EPs in UK Hip-Hop history. I mean, how could you resist this eloquent and refined word-play regarding a lady…

“Fancy your chances, I dont fancy yours much. She’s saggy bout the breast and her crutch has seen too much.

She’s double scary, sometimes I get lary. Have a word with ye bird an’ cover her face cos its hairy”

Lords of Rap – Stix ‘n’ Stones EP

1. Stix ‘n’ Stones
2. Stix ‘n’ Stones [Remix]
3. Stix ‘n’ Stones [Bullie Mix]
4. Where Does The Xtra 3 Quid Go?
5. Cease And Seckle
6. Fancy Your Chances

Shouts to Art Jaz

He put a spell on you…

I was never really a biggie fan.

yup, i said it..i let you all have your little cry yesterday, don’t really know why.the guy was an asshole, personally and professionally. Violent robberies, crack dealing, actually shitting on hoes..the story of him heating up coins to put on people foreheads? classy guy..i swear, not a damn one of you would like chris wallace in real life, and i KNOW he wouldn’t of liked you. Suckers.


OFFICIAL adidas x Snoop Dogg x HVW8 present: The Dogg House

words dont really do this clip justice.just let snoop grab the mic and flex over dam funk instrumentals..he’s is the last actual freestyler who’s a major.

listen to these fucking hipsters barely applauding a rap legend. makes me sick.

Welcome back, you crazy, crazy man.

i know the tune is a little older, but the visuals (jeez) dropped today, you know he really asserting that humans are aliens?, or just the black man?

either way, its wisdom, being wise words spoken, by someone who is definately awoke.

“And if you dont know, now you know..”

No Doc, no diagnosis..!!NEW 50 CENTS!!

shit, man, 50 is his murderous best on these new freestyles he’s putting, post-modern, that he’s promoting headphones with songs about murder…this is how it is now?


new bishop lamont, feat sonreal…shameless catering to the college crowds.good to hear any new nathaniel though.

Cratediggers United.

funk just keeps on keeping on.