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Finnish Him!!

they got rap in finland now..sheeet/

seems the west coast looms large all over the world, except the west coast..

better than anything mark b ever made..least it has some bounce to it.

the big budget psuedo southern flex.and whatv’e we got? N-Dubz.


if loving ignorant street shit is wrong, i dont wanna be right…

Been shining on em?… oo er, missus.

Five of the best: Some new hip hop, even you old hating-ass sumumabitches might like.

The mission: crunkmaster spex asked me to fish out some of the new stuff i’m listening to, you know, new hip hop.

some think that even the term, new hip hop is anethema, but hold the front page, and dont choke on your bowl of diccup with soya milk,


first up.Nesby Phips.he says his only niche is that he’s dope, and i would have to agree, i cannot think of many emcees producing nowadays, let alone fucking with the samples he’s coming with.smoky organs and shit.original, although you feel like you’ve heard it a good way.

Gary indiana’s freddie gibbs gave up rapping professionally after becoming jaded by the industry side of things, but a friend talked him into leaving the street life behind him, and getting back behind th m.i.c…i think this dude will be huge, if giving the right shot.street rappers rarely have this kinda lyricism.

right, ignorant shit next: Harlem’s A Mafia, like a simplified big l, but a little more believable, in my humble..gangsta shit, for the digital era.

you already know this kid, cos we flagged him a while back but here Yelawolf rips up the beat for “we aint goin out like that”. now dude is signed to the big leagues, again, consider me super-hyped .

and of course, wiz…young mr spacely, has been in steady rotation this year, after i admittedly slept on him, writing him off as just a mixtape rapper.

but dude is a breath of freh threats, no played out rhymes, and a whole load of quality music.