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NEW Sparkii Ski & MC Mello ?

Its only been up for a week, but already featured on UK super-producer Sparkii Skis Soundcloud page are random beats, demos, instrumentals of old MC Mello b-sides, and with even just one verse, what seems like a previously unreleased MC Mello track…

Sparkii Ski Feat MC Mello – Musty Aint Avin It

MC Mello – Talk Dem [Instrumental]

He has a co-produced alblum on the way with a group I know very little about too…



From as early as 1987 when the name Sparkie was listed on a Jus Badd release, then soon after on the Comin Correct EP and Blades Lyrical Maniac 12″s, I was always aware of the name Sparkii Ski. Im not gonna spout to knowin too much about Sparkii other than his beat-making ability, he’s part of the En4cers crew with Billy Biznizz and the rest, and he’s produced more MC Mello cuts than I care to recall. Seems he’s been plodding away at a few beats and has some ‘Heritage’ release due in 2012. Keep em peeled…

London Posse Live in Dublin [1986] & more Deejay Mek treats…

Irelands 5 times DJ Championship winner Deejay Mek needs no intro to those that knows, he’s a monster behind the decks and relentless in his ability to nod heads on the regular. As well as being one of the finest scratch DJs still doin it live, he has 2 brand new mixes available to download, and as you can see, has the vintage Hip-Hop video collection on lock

As a close associate of the London Posse, Mek has the footage to make any UK Hip-Hop fanatic loose the plot/ their Burlington socks. The video above is a 5 minute clip of a lascivious Bionic [Jeff] and Sipho from London Posse on an old Dublin based magazine show called Megamix

As well as a brief interview with the presenter where they discuss the difference between Jamaican and American rap-singin , they drop a few tasty rhymes, Sipho rocks the Dallas theme a la ‘My Beatbox Reggae Style’ and the keener ones amongst you will notice that stand-up comedian Sean Hughes makes an appearance towards the end…

Deejay Mek – Hip-Hop Mix –¬†

Deejay Mek – Funk & Boogie Mix –

Tracklisting for the mixes over at Meks Mixcloud page, and more info on London Posse here

and the winner of the 1983 Grammy Award for Best R&B Instrumental Performance is…

I hadnt heard or seen such a crisp version of this live performance until recently, and despite being foolishly omitted from the Complex Magazine list of 50 Greatest Vocoder Songs last year, it’s a classic. I was sick to the back teeth of it until I rediscovered this last week.¬†Herbie Hancock with DST behind the wheels at the 1983 Grammy awards, a truly iconic piece of vintage Hip-Hop.

We bow to thee..


he’s giving away sooo many beats. he’s not just chasing samples already used. big respect is automatic, and i will keep passing on this info for all my beat people out there.”sample anything you want”..this dude is legend.

i’m gonna bring you this series from the start

As Westwood used to say “let’s take it from the break to the beat…”

and have something really BOOM>

how come no-one ever got at sting for the fake jamaican accent on “walkin’ on di moon”?cos the po-lice(even more frustration for the black man) were dope.wiggers with attitude, and a dope drummer, in stuart copeland. no relation to devin..seems they inspired someone, though..



dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

Various – Best of RARE [Cassette Rip]

This is a cassette rip of the Best of the RARE selection of ‘Rare Soul classics from the 70s & 80s’ compilations released on Ariola through BMG during the late 80s. The RARE series was widely know in UK vinyl collectors circles as one of the few compilations that allowed listeners access to these hits and bits for cheaps…

Side One

Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions
Edna Wright – Oops Here I Go Again
Harvey Mason – Till You Take My Love
Charme – Never [Gonna Let You Go]
Banda Black Rio – Miss Cheryl
Francine McGee – Delerium
Serenade – Stick By Me

Side Two

Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin
Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You
Main Ingredient – Work To Do
Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Real To Reel – Love Me Like This
Gene Page – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Tom Browne – Mr. Business

WILDSTYLE TOUR of JAPAN 1983 [Fab 5 Freddy, Afrika Islam, Busy Bee, Charlie Ahearn, Rock Steady]

Live Session feat Fab 5 Freddy and Afrika Islam from one of the parties during the month long tour of Japan in the autumn of 1983

Anybody actually remember this tour hittin Japan, im old, but im not that old, thats why wee documentary clips like his are great

I dont think I’ve heard Freddy so tidy on the mic since…

Tasty mini-doc about the tour

These were the probably the earliest documented moments in the cultural crossover for worldwide Hip-Hop, the industry as we know it wasnt even a twinkle in Kool Lady Blues eyes at this point…

Cheer up Baby Love, it could be worse, you could have joined the Floormasters/ Nice beaver hat/ Busy Bee is still lookin for that other knee-pad/ KK Rockwell lookin sharp [pause]

OG Jap Wildstyle poster

Look how happy the Cold Crush are, Charlie Chase has some grin on him. Freddy cant believe he’s on a subway platform in Tokyo and I cant believe he pulled off that Argyle and Members Only type jacket combo so well…

All pics courtesy of Charlie Ahearn, get the book here