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Mnmn, thats me eating chinese food..

bitches…two newies from cinematic, who i feel, are doing a lot for hiphop right now.keeping a certain qualty control..

so, youv’e seen the nardwuar interviews from this years south by southwest, which we need to go to, but have you seen HIM interviewed?

also, some behind the scenes of the stu.

the result of that session..

retarded good.

Big K.R.I.T. – Dreamin

get that tape when it drops…cos after this year,

no-one will be sleeping on k.r.i.t.

this dude is up there with devin, scarface, and 8ball.


top youtube comment :

“truth is, mac miller never has any hotlines, he just steals hot beats. he is 5’4, from a filthy rich jewish family in pittsburg and his fans are 14 year old girls. i can’t wait til he disappears.”

one of the better l.p/mixtapes of last year..

yeah, i said.if dante ross is a fan?.shut up.

“This IS real hiphop. mac, krit, dza, wiz, and spitta all day.

This bowls for the haters.” bottom comment.Dza kills this.

Big K.R.I.T. Can’t Be All

some dope introspection from mississippi native Big a londoner, his accent is almost as big a draw for me as his lyrics.

nice exploration of the themes suggested by Jay Z in “This cant be life”..Rap really did raise me..

and scarface’s verse bring tears everytime i hear it.