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2Tone – Cali Rollercoaster

feeling this.

Now i’m gonna show you how the west coast rocks..

if anyone’s still waiting for detox, hoping for some next level west coast shit, i say don’t bother, just enjoy the classic shit he created,the artists he made superstars and the influence he wields, as i showed you, with even germainians biting his schnitzel…if gangsta rap is over, somebody forgot to cc these chicano mutherbruthers in to the email.cali 2010 styles.

mr criminal, hi-power’s number 1 ,in my opinion, bounces nicely over this hella funky instumental.

Centro Side Records (Featuring Mr. Blue, Creeper and Outtahand)

JKnuckles, proving that it really didn’t die, it just multiplied.

this is the kind of shit that cheers me up on a cloud dark london afternoon.