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Cassetteboy, still doin it real big…

As I hung at casa-Styles last week, an old Cassetteboy track shuffled across the [Johnny] Brennan hard-disk music player display and as ever, had me chuckling heartily

I always liked Cassetteboy with his acerbic cutting and pasting of general pop-cultural ephemera, all while ripping the pish clean out of perfectly ordinary people

Good to see some things never change…

Here he rips the arse out of some Essex themed hellavision show as well as the Harry Potter series of filims…

There’s plenty more on his Youtube channel, get involved

Here’s his 2002 full-lengther, The Parker Tapes

Get Help, Seriusly!

so, hamilton is a bit like the guy in cling film trousers, you can see he’s nuts!

he’s gone and found his old sparring partner serius jones getting a fresh, and he’s “GONE in”

THIS HAPPENED this week, but charles has BEEN crazy already..

is it Real.Really?

rap freakshow?..still better than the last eminem single.p.s, i believe he is a ninja like i believe rza swings swords.

as the comment on this video says, “i want to hate this.but can’t”

people used to say things, like “but they are big in japan.these guys are “all up in the interweb”

Paul Simon has bitches in his living room getting it on, and they arent leaving until six in the morning, allegedly…

Chris Rock & Tracy Morgan perform Snoops Gin & Juice together with Paul Simon as part of some Comedy Central telethon joint, celebrities still answer the phones on these things?

As ever Morgan is as sharp as a tack. Youll see, just wait for the ‘Will-I-Am good’ auto-tune…

Takes me back, man…

Takes me back, man…

don’t know about you, but sometimes i get misty eyed for those carefree days when, either through unemployment, or drug (mis)use, you seemed to have loads of time.

Time to be mates, just listen to music, get stoned, fuck around or whatever.those days are special, cos it’s only through the chemistry of you and your buddies x time spent goofing around, that you get real friends, the kind that might even stick with you in hard times, as well as when the weed and liquor are flowing freely, and before everyone gets girlfriends and real lives that take precedence over fucking around.

Checking my internets this week, i dug up BOYDERCAM.boydercam, realname tom boyd, is asher roth’s buddy/weed/everything carrier, who in connection with brian bangley, aka “brain bang”, who iv’e heard mention of in ash’s rap songs, form his home team, and it seems that the animal house,bill and ted, pork’s type humour of a group of lads is definately still IN the animal house, as it were…get a cannonball coming and be prepared to be spirited back…ah.

anyhoo, it turns out this group of lads are enjoying this stage of life, but with the added dimension of having a friend that’s been sucked into the fame machine, as the “next” great white hope,so they’ve got access to 5 star shit, better weed, and the ability to embarrass their friend/employer to a massive degree in front of the cool people in the record industry.

a heterospective starts here..

the man behind the camera, tom boyd.actually being high enough to fall over the dishwasher.

the other of the booze brothers, brainbang, ashers hype man, and all round funny dude.

some of the shit they get up to is me , a jaded stoner, at least..ah, the good old days.

cue dj wreckeneyes, the one with “the look”, a nerd from the burbs with the skilz to meet all his credit responsabilities.

if this tickles you then there is a hundred and fifty of these..go for your life.good times, lads, good times..






“crank the a.c cos its hot, driving crazy through riad..”

You Ain’t Just A Fool, You’s An Old Fool

Best use of Impeach? Regardless, shouts to the DC badman