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Droppin Seinfeld science AKA Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy CD

If you think Jerry Seinfeld is/ was kinda funny, stroll on. If you recognise that Jerry is the key that unlocked the majority of popular and unpopular recognised traits in contemporary comedy in 2011, read on.

One of my favourite Comedy movies is The Comedian, a very funny film about the methodical codes and processes of the culture of Comedy itself. It’s also got one of the finest trailers, which has no bearing on the film. Jerry “but his name is Jerome” Seinfeld gets back out on the road, post the 9 Season Seinfeld NBC TV Show and the reunion, and uncovers a terrifying world of ‘starting over’ on the stand-up circuit. It was a captivating insight and with regards to the discussional element, it seems it was worth recreating in another format, evidently in television.

As you can see, HBO are currently promoing a show called Talking Funny, due to start on US screens April 22nd. The Marriage Ref may be getting a second season, although I for one will not extend my man-fan generosity to watch it. Just not my bag.

Obviously, this lot are a far cry from Kinison, Hicks and Pryor sipping on something round at Carlins place, but it’ll do in the scheme of things.

Alternatively, watching a handful [well, at least 3] of the sharpest stand-up comedians in 2011 shootin’ the gift round a coffee table does captivate my curiosity. It’s just that breaking bread/ pub talk shit, without the grog or improper use of loose tongues. It seems that the show will be the four faces you see above: Ricky Gervais; Jerry; Chris Rock and Louis CK, all simply discussing the science of comedy and the individual elements that lead to the funnies, all unscripted and edited together afterwards. Go back to when Larry or Garry met Gervais for clarity on how cool Gervais actually is.

It’s pretty obvious these guys are at the pinnacle of their game, so it’ll be interesting to see just how Louis, who generally appears to [after watching the challenging yet funny as all hell Louis show on FX] overlook industry expectations and restrictions, will fare along with the other American ‘grumpy old men’.

For anyone in need of the aural extension of the movie The Comedian this is it. Jerry Seinfeld in conversation during 2001, one on one, unveiling of the science of Comedy. Alternatively this is for those that simply require confirmation on the white Nike wearin icon.

Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy –

This one’s for all you smart-dumb mongoloids that walk into strangers in the street.

Bonus Complete Guide to Jerry Seinfeld’s Sneakers

Snaps Comedy CD AKA Bizmarkie Tracy Morgan & Coolio tellin Mom jokes…

There are dozens of blogs that simply feature downloads, but HOTASBALLS have never had the desire to just post music without offering opinion, that’s wack, and blinkered, and a bit silly in the scheme of things really.

I’ve been asked to contribute to the archives at, and as youll know, archive access is a terrible thing to waste, so I accepted. Olas have very little to say [and I’d much rather be contributing to a site that uses simple design and Helvetica as a type-face], but when they do, they are bang on it with enough info to inspire a cheeky download that may have passed you by otherwise, the strength of titles across genres is deep and of course, like the quality of transfers are all great, whether VLS, CD or TC [tape cassettes will also feature as part of the bounty too as seen with my 1st, a rare as hens hind-legs UK Hip-Hop holy grail, the unreleased promo cassette of Blak Twangs Dettwork S.E. alblum].

I have no interest in French or Australian Rap myself but Im often surprised at the titles that consistently appear each week, that’s why Olas became a regular RSS feature. Just this morning, one of the many Masters of Records there, DJ Warlord, kindly upped a 15 minute P Funk work-out from 1981 that features George Clinton and Bootsy, rare and totally random, and tasty…

I never imagined that I’d ever want to distribute anything from my masses of digital music, but im beginning to warm to sharing when I see the amount of people downloading them. I know folk appreciate, I just prefer more banter. I came to this conclusion cos I recognise that as much as I’ve wanted to thank every single blogger/ host for sharing good shit when Ive been the ripper, I dont thank em every time. This is me returning the favour with a mere sliver of my collection

Im gonna upload this one here first. It’s a Comedy alblum released on Big Beat Records in 95 that has a few interestin people on it. Check the CD credits; Biz, Tracy Morgan, Carlos Mencia, Faizon Love, Ricky Harris, Coolio, and even, erm, Lords Of The Underground. Ostensibly it’s a collection of Mom jokes that should bolster your back-catalogue next time you plan on baggin on yer mates


A series of publications followed that are all still available.

Go to for more completely picked at random high quality downloads…

“i’m bout to introduce them two fellas”

weed is bringing all ages and races together..

big up cinematic. for some funny ass shit.

Tracy Morgan – I Am The New Black [4CD Audio-book]

In the lead up to Tracy Morgans first HBO Special ‘Black and Blue’ which airs this weekend, here’s the audio-book ‘I Am The New Black’ from last year. If you know anything about Morgan, youll know he’s 100% loose.

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc1

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc2

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc3

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc4

Alot of celebrity types are, as we say back home in Ireland, ‘Up their own jaxy’, this man is far from one of them. Tracy Morgan is a humble spirit, someone that grew up with very little who now has alot, and is truly grateful for all the love he’s received on his way to the top. If you dont know his material, do the research, he’s way more than the token black guy on 30Rock, he’s way more than the unpredictable character that shows his belly off in live interviews and pretends to be out of it, ostensibly, he’s a legend already, and we dont chuck those kind of terms around lightly.

I Am the New Black is fascinating, it’s touching and brutally honest, it’s emotionally charged and most importantly, funny as all hell when it needs to be. To hear one of the finest comedians of his time read his life story in his own compelling tone makes for a top listen if indeed ‘that is your bag’…