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Says it all…

iv’e been realworldin.

“holding the mic, like a tire iron”

i could just see this dude, working in a quik-fit..calls himself casey valentino. just awful..oh, and you can NEVER be him.

but what happens when wiggers go to see TOO $HORT, and get onstage?


Welcome back, you crazy, crazy man.

i know the tune is a little older, but the visuals (jeez) dropped today, you know he really asserting that humans are aliens?, or just the black man?

either way, its wisdom, being wise words spoken, by someone who is definately awoke.

“And if you dont know, now you know..”

As Westwood used to say “let’s take it from the break to the beat…”

and have something really BOOM>

how come no-one ever got at sting for the fake jamaican accent on “walkin’ on di moon”?cos the po-lice(even more frustration for the black man) were dope.wiggers with attitude, and a dope drummer, in stuart copeland. no relation to devin..seems they inspired someone, though..