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Schoolboy Q – Break to the Beat…

Grooveline is a Lex Lugor produced track off the recently released Habits & Contradictions full lengther. Its by young Black Hippy, Quincy M. Hanley aka Schoolboy Q…

Sans an actual full blooded beat, its a cut with a grown-ass tale to tell, as well as employing the vocal talents of Marlena Shaw from her 1975 alblum Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?

Ive posted cos some people that claim they know Hip-Hop in 2012 think that Rap has to have a beat, and like Michael McDonald, they keep forgettin’ that Hip-Hop producers like Lexus Lugor are more than happy utilising beautiful soul music and progressin’ things along quite nicely thankyou very much.

Push it along, and quit hatin people !

BONUS – 320 vinyl rip of the Blue Note OG

Marlena Shaw – Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?

“getting pissed at the radio”

we’ve been away, now we’re back at it….thanks for sticking around..been waiting for a little inspiration, which this definately is.

“living like i just can’t feel no pain”

you know me, i’m all about the multi culti, and all flavours coming together, so i’m hyped about this..
spitta gets down with creative people..i think damon dash is doing good things over there at dd1772 or whatever.
i don’t hate, i celebrate..


we only cover music we like here at the balls, and i know you probly hear that a lot, but we actually mean it.

!!Pitchfork x Currensy!!NEW SHIT!!

you have allow the sound a bit, (its a bit loud), but spitta preview something of the top…a written, but none the less, dopeness.

pilot talk 2 real soon, where aint we been yet?…jets, fool…..

“race cars and weed jars” !!PILOT TALK 2!!

curren$y steps it up another gear for the realeas of pilot talk 2.

the view from the rocking chair certainly does seem to have improved.scuDDDDDD.jets fool.

bonus boners: live accapella from a tour stop.we may just have ourselves a rap star.



some sprinkles of new jack city and clockers as spitta visualises the best track off “pilot talk”

steel drums for the byron.there’s a depth this man’s dope, indeed.

Nothin But Us..

from Ski beats’ 24 hour karate school, which is shaping up to be something special.

here, spitta & smoke dza glide and ride this horny beat like a pornstar…

and, as it’s friday, get high day, devin’s apperance on the highly acclaimed, and half-brilliant pilot talk.