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“Just say action

it is i, sirstyles, back in your mouthpiece…for the TwoDozen -twentytwelve, for all you suckers, asĀ  i’ve been asked by the Chief Camanche (hat, fat link, gold rings, nothing fancy) your man irish Craig to get back on it like the aformationed Blue Bonnet…right.

The Beatsies are always good in interview, even when they don’t try..

they were poking fun at the absurdity that was MTV, and still doing the promo they had promised Rush Russ..



Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus

I’d love to see the looks on contemporary marketing and promotion teams faces if an artist suggested a promo where children get escorted onto a bus with few windows.

Okay, so Steinski utilised sections as part of Lesson Two/ James Brown Mix with Double Dee back in 85. Rodney O & Joe Cooley also sampled from it on the Cooley High 12″ [of which the opening to my copy is worn to buggery]. Timbaland did summat similar for Missy Elliots Work It, as well as Tim Simenon for the Bomb The Bass classic Beat Dis, but who knew there was a promo for this 1980 novelty ?

Ahh, the never-ending treats from the internuts.

Harlem Nights: Nu skool electro, with the original instruments.

“retarded good” disco is thier forte, using the original keyboards they used in the olden days.

fuck apps.

but there are a few forays into the electro side of things, and it really comes off.

here, they take on a few of the classics, perhaps some of the most famous classics, in all the world of music.

doug e dmc.flash & melle mel.gotdamn.

even a bit of italo for that azz..

get involved..