Gangrene ‘Take Drugs’ Official Video

oh no makes this crispy as all hell.ill beat..i’m kinda hyped.i only say kinda, as i’m not entirely convinced of eithers ryming ability.yet.some beautiful tits in this clip, gotdammm.not really down with the lyrics, as i doubt alan is really injecting anything except “white boy awesome”

no bueno, sureno…

A lot of fraudulating in the world of the chicano gangsta rappers.c.c.c.c.Check this out.



i know it aint where your from, but it’s definately get a hold of  yourself.

he says wearing a blue plaid shirt.

i shall bring you some genuine new west coast chicano gangsta shit real soon..

Hype the funk, swipe the funk and all that junk…

This is a lesson in correct social interplay, dont use terms like ‘JUNK’ at airports in America

This is a non-Hip-Hop related post, but this story kinda grabbed me, you might have read about it

I had a similar experience when I wouldnt take my trainers off in an airport back in June, thankfully they caved cos they were switching shifts, and my hijab was in the wash


Tracy Morgan – I Am The New Black [4CD Audio-book]

In the lead up to Tracy Morgans first HBO Special ‘Black and Blue’ which airs this weekend, here’s the audio-book ‘I Am The New Black’ from last year. If you know anything about Morgan, youll know he’s 100% loose.

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc1

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc2

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc3

I Am The New Black Audiobook Disc4

Alot of celebrity types are, as we say back home in Ireland, ‘Up their own jaxy’, this man is far from one of them. Tracy Morgan is a humble spirit, someone that grew up with very little who now has alot, and is truly grateful for all the love he’s received on his way to the top. If you dont know his material, do the research, he’s way more than the token black guy on 30Rock, he’s way more than the unpredictable character that shows his belly off in live interviews and pretends to be out of it, ostensibly, he’s a legend already, and we dont chuck those kind of terms around lightly.

I Am the New Black is fascinating, it’s touching and brutally honest, it’s emotionally charged and most importantly, funny as all hell when it needs to be. To hear one of the finest comedians of his time read his life story in his own compelling tone makes for a top listen if indeed ‘that is your bag’…

Sadat X Talks About The Crack Era

and we listen. I never knew he was deep into the streets like that – “slow down”

is it Real.Really?

rap freakshow?..still better than the last eminem single.p.s, i believe he is a ninja like i believe rza swings swords.

as the comment on this video says, “i want to hate this.but can’t”

people used to say things, like “but they are big in japan.these guys are “all up in the interweb”

well, is she or isn’t she?

chelsea pours oil on those rumours of her and curtis bumping uglies.