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NEW Sparkii Ski & MC Mello ?

Its only been up for a week, but already featured on UK super-producer Sparkii Skis Soundcloud page are random beats, demos, instrumentals of old MC Mello b-sides, and with even just one verse, what seems like a previously unreleased MC Mello track…

Sparkii Ski Feat MC Mello – Musty Aint Avin It

MC Mello – Talk Dem [Instrumental]

He has a co-produced alblum on the way with a group I know very little about too…



From as early as 1987 when the name Sparkie was listed on a Jus Badd release, then soon after on the Comin Correct EP and Blades Lyrical Maniac 12″s, I was always aware of the name Sparkii Ski. Im not gonna spout to knowin too much about Sparkii other than his beat-making ability, he’s part of the En4cers crew with Billy Biznizz and the rest, and he’s produced more MC Mello cuts than I care to recall. Seems he’s been plodding away at a few beats and has some ‘Heritage’ release due in 2012. Keep em peeled…

Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP [Reduced by HOTASBALLS] AKA Dunnthing for the Weekend

Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP – [Reduced by HOTASBALLS]

Prodigy from Mobb Deeps’ first piece of branded promo came in the shape of an EP via the good people at Complex Magazine a few weeks back. This Reduced version-excursion of the highly anticipated release was created by ourselves out of sheer impatience, an unwilling to sift through songs, no other reason, dont get it twisted. We got nothin but love for Mobb shit, that why we made this, and the fact that the P is free once again after three years locked away, is good news for anyone that understands and appreciates ‘Top of the Line’ reality Rap.

Over the years, there have been shed-loads of full-length alblums that have utilised dialogue from movies, skits, sound-bites et cetera, but the only way the listener can truly enjoy the experience is NOT having to fassy around with fast-forward keys, click wheels and the like. Unfortunately, the segue material on this is a little ancillary for our tastes. We aint professin to be some big-time internets nor are we too big or too proud to hit rewind, but sometimes we just wanna hear things as they should be heard, one track after another, without too much interruption. Too much to ask? The aural impediments if you didnt know, are from the 97 movie, Hoodlum.

Musically the EP has some great moments on it, and lyrically, P is on fire at times too, on the whole, it’s an interesting return to form but lets face it, listening to this EP is a wind-up. Were not here to review the content of the EP, mainly cos its a feckin mixtape, an undersized mixtape for an artist that is evidently holding the finest Sid Roams and Alchemist productions back until the finished product drops.

We respected the sequence, but in addition to the tracks and our updated transitions, we decided, for ease of access, to drop the majority of the Larry Fishburne dialogue and just lace the tracks one after each other [with sprinkles of a few specially and specifically chosen sound-bites and sample sources of our own]. This is the result. To P, to Alan, Benny, Joey & Bravo, big respect is automatic…

Bonus Proclamations

Phillip Mlynar – Top 10 Prodigy Prison Rants

Gary Warnett – My Infamous Overflow

Hip-Hop Isnt Dead – Gut Reactions


holy living fuck, this kid is “nice” with the mpc.seeing him do that in a live setting would officially twist my melon.


!!Pitchfork x Currensy!!NEW SHIT!!

you have allow the sound a bit, (its a bit loud), but spitta preview something of the top…a written, but none the less, dopeness.

pilot talk 2 real soon, where aint we been yet?…jets, fool…..

Eyedea found dead, just shy of his 29th birthday

When 2pac, Biggie and Big L died they were catapulted from underground favourites to G.O.A.T.’s that even your mum heard of and all new jacks cited as their biggest influences. When more important talents such as Guru and Jam Master Jay passed barely an inch in the Guardian marks the impact of such amazing legacies. So now that Eyedea has sadly left us I doubt you’ll hear anything beyond the blogosphere.

Though he may not have made a massive impact on the world outside of backpack rap, make no mistake, Eyedea was a very, very, very good rapper. And that’s all there is to say.

When you win blaze battle and scribble jam numerous times and your DJ wins numerous, regional DMC titles and makes up part of the legendary 1200 hobo’s crew, you got it going on. But for whatever reason Eyedea & Abilities never really blew up, which is why I feel compelled to put something up to commemorate an amazing talent after learning about his tragic death.

Eyedea’s body was found at his home in St Paul’s Minnesota earlier today, at this stage, details are scarce and his family request privacy during these trying times.

He was 28, put that in to perspective he would have been barely 17 when he wiped the floor with seasoned veterans such as Peace from Freestyle Fellowship as you’ll see in these vids.

But beyond battling, Eyedea’s written material shows a more introspective emotional side, certainly no one trick pony.  As well an excellent rapper he was also a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Talents like his are rare our thoughts are with his family, DJ Abilites, Rhymesayers and the whole Twin Cities hip hop scene.

Rest in Peace, love Hotasballs.

The Basement Boys.

dubbluuooteeefuck?funny tho.i swear, in the late eighties, there were actually records that sounded a lot like this.

and you bought em’/

“so much bridge up on this table, i call it madison county”

new remy, album out soon, go cop that.

he actually has good queues for the old fashioned english puppetry.

Big Guy strikes again.

vanderslices beats are ugly.he ain’t too good looking either, no disrespect intended.

but he”s moving up, and his beat videos are always banging, with a touch of humour.peep.

did he say “honkey kong?”