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TDS Mob – Dope For The Folks [DJ Kam’s Scratch Version]

The good folk at DWG are at it again, just when you thought the savings account was looking healthy, along come the mostest knowledgable middle-aged Rap experts with yet another selection of Rap rarities and curios from the Hip-Hop archives.

DWG never let up when it comes to sourcing those previously unreleased gems, and even though you may not be fortunate this time round [these doozies get schnaffled up quicker than Byron Davis’ fingers], my advice would be to get involved on the forum or take a skelly here for more info on upcoming releases.

You should know Kam from his Netgroove label or being the most personable of the Mr Bongos Poland Street gang during the days of glory, his work with fellow Bongoman Huw Bowles and their Beyond There projects or his incredible selection of dope mixtapes [shed-loads of them are avail over at this blog]. If not, why not?

This wee version excursion of Dope for the Folks is tastefully remixed and has just enough cuttin to keep this particular Hip-Hop man-fan happy…