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Evidence – You

just doin’ my bit for real rap music. so many gems dropped, and it gets deeper with every listen. i think i’m only really checking for about ten dudes in 2011, Evidence is one of them..and real nice to hear someone cutting havoc’s verse from shook one’s, not p’s…guwan mickey!


Another reason Hip Hop sucks in 2011..

cos this tour ISN’T coming to london.aks yourself, why is that?

Evidence – Outta My Mind feat. Murs AKA All that scratchin is making me enjoy this even more..

Produced by DJ Khalil outta Los Angeles crew Self Scientific, Ev and Murs get a few concerns off their collective chests.

Hearin cuttin like this again over a twisted beat is refreshin to say the least.

“approach, i coerce the listener, so listen up”

this could be my favorite song.this year.this remix from buddakriss kings the original.

does good scratching ever sound out of date?i personally don’t think so.evidence is awesome here.truly

if it doesn’t make sense, listen harder.there are hiddens depths you won’t find elsewhere.

we’ve dumbed this music down enough.gems dropped.but it’s mostly the voice.


The Teaser.

Real Thing.