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Akinyele & Sadat X on Funk Flex – 1996

“I’ll be pushing your wig back like those girls in chemotherapy” – Aknel was savage !

A master at work..

the  dude, and cousin todd, who is fast becoming my hero..

“holler at me if want a job”

lloyd has reallys stepped out of 50’s shadow this year past…

and sounds strong over these queens classic.

“one lonely emcee i be..”

so fresh and so clean, yela harnessing his inner beatsie boy over the shook ones beat.

….and the kicks aint bad niether.


DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR [Undaground Flavas] – 1995

Found another old Stretch and Bobb cassette to add to the ever-increasing list of shows from the WKCR days

The exquisitly and tastefully designed cover looks like it was drawn up by someone with plegic issues, or some stumped up Jeremy Beadle type, and I have no clue why the date was scribbled out either

Wyclef and Pras are in the studio as well as an MC by the name of Mischief [along with his mate, 10 men/ Tin-Man?]. It’s one of the booty tapes that was sold outta one of the many vinyl stores in London at the time, Handspun Records I think. It’s a decent selection of tunes, no demo exclsuives to talk of, and Wyclef waffles on a bit [durin the freestyle as well as the chat with Bobb and Bones] some things never change eh, and sadly, there’s no Krunchtime. If anyone knows the origins of, erm, Undaground Flavas outta downtown Hounslow, then let us know. Shouts to Krisch for helpin out with the tracks

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR [Undaground Flavas Sleeve] – 1995


O.C., Lord Finesse & KRS ONE – Brainstorm [PSK Remix]
Bobbito Intro [Wyclef & Pras in studio]
Mischief [10 Man/ Silencer] Freestyles
Mobb Deep – Still Shinin’
Group Home – Inna Citi Life
Group Home – Album Intro
Fugees Wyclef & Pras Freestyle
Redman – Funkorama
LL Cool J, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, Keith Murray, Prodigy – I Shot Ya


Das EFX & Mobb Deep – Microphone Master [Sewa/41 St. Side Remix]
Q-Ball & Curt Cazal – My Kinda Moves
Jamal – Fades Em All [Pete Rock Remix]
DJ Krush & Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Only The Strong Survive
Mic Geronimo – Life Check
Erick Sermon – Focus
Blahzay Blahzay – Danger [Remix]
O.C., Lord Finesse & KRS ONE – Brainstorm [PSK Remix]

The High Times Stony Awards


Eyedea found dead, just shy of his 29th birthday

When 2pac, Biggie and Big L died they were catapulted from underground favourites to G.O.A.T.’s that even your mum heard of and all new jacks cited as their biggest influences. When more important talents such as Guru and Jam Master Jay passed barely an inch in the Guardian marks the impact of such amazing legacies. So now that Eyedea has sadly left us I doubt you’ll hear anything beyond the blogosphere.

Though he may not have made a massive impact on the world outside of backpack rap, make no mistake, Eyedea was a very, very, very good rapper. And that’s all there is to say.

When you win blaze battle and scribble jam numerous times and your DJ wins numerous, regional DMC titles and makes up part of the legendary 1200 hobo’s crew, you got it going on. But for whatever reason Eyedea & Abilities never really blew up, which is why I feel compelled to put something up to commemorate an amazing talent after learning about his tragic death.

Eyedea’s body was found at his home in St Paul’s Minnesota earlier today, at this stage, details are scarce and his family request privacy during these trying times.

He was 28, put that in to perspective he would have been barely 17 when he wiped the floor with seasoned veterans such as Peace from Freestyle Fellowship as you’ll see in these vids.

But beyond battling, Eyedea’s written material shows a more introspective emotional side, certainly no one trick pony.  As well an excellent rapper he was also a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Talents like his are rare our thoughts are with his family, DJ Abilites, Rhymesayers and the whole Twin Cities hip hop scene.

Rest in Peace, love Hotasballs.

DJ Stretch Armstrong on Westwood 1FM Rap Show 1995

DJ Stretch Armstrong on Westwood – 1FM Rap Show SIDE A 1995

Side A is straight banger after banger. Stretch does his thing, they discuss varying topics; exchange rates, the yen, benihanas and how to record a four hour radio show on a video cassette amongst others. Even the stunted cross-atlantic mis-communications between the two of them are entertaining.

DJ Stretch Armstrong on Westwood – 1FM Rap Show SIDE B 1995

Side B is painful. Its the part of the show Tim referred to as the MIC CHECK section. Ostensibly, it was amateur night at Radio One, every week. There are MCs in the studio, and MCs on the phone-lines, and its mostly horrendous, but funny as all hell. Shouts to Andy for the tape.