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HOTASBALLS Christmas Wish List #1

A new publication featuring graff from London Underground trains between 1987 – 1995

The Fat Boys anti-graffiti commercial from Video Music Box – 1985

Peep Prince Markie Dees sincerity at the end, only after Van Peebles sons himself…

Spotted over @


“even if they was sega, they still couldn’t outrun”

see what he did there?oh no just updated the sega metaphor for the digital age!..over actually experimental intrumentals.and they’re putting out a vinyl only e.p too?Decon are doing something right with this project.gutter water l.p coming soon, to a deserted border town near you..

Henry Chalfant ‘Big Graffiti Archives’ DVD

Is on its way, check Henrys site for info.

The quote ‘most of the Subway photos in my collection have never been published’ is enough to amp me, if this means nothing to you, stroll on

Here’s a couple of bits I havent spotted before. Shouts to Hurtyoubad for the original spot