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Martha & Henry

Not much to be said here, it is what it is, rarified…

Style Wars 2

This whole shenanigans reminds me of Blade asking his listeners to fund his projects way back in the days of wayback, way back in the days… Hopefully if I donate to Henry, he wont call me up and then proceed to misunderstand me, asking me to repeat every feckin word I say like No Sleep Nigels mate. You’d think he’d never met an Irish person before.

Anyhow, here and now, if you want to see a Style Wars 2 in the cinema, it seems that the only way it may ever see the light is to get yer donations in to Mr Chalfant, he aint gettin any younger ye know/ it is on its way. As long as we have as many classic quotes like that of the late great  King o’what, we’ll do just fine.

“Oh, you vandalism and all that. Yeah I vandalism alright”…

Henry Chalfant ‘Big Graffiti Archives’ DVD

Is on its way, check Henrys site for info.

The quote ‘most of the Subway photos in my collection have never been published’ is enough to amp me, if this means nothing to you, stroll on

Here’s a couple of bits I havent spotted before. Shouts to Hurtyoubad for the original spot