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The Question remains…

how long will this be on the interweb?

we are a lil sad, still, but there’s only one way to turn the frown upside down..

enjoy while you can, some unrealeased, Beatsie Boys.From a “Chappelle Show” that never made it..

they are/were such good live m.c’s, breath control, breath control styly/

“living like i just can’t feel no pain”

you know me, i’m all about the multi culti, and all flavours coming together, so i’m hyped about this..
spitta gets down with creative people..i think damon dash is doing good things over there at dd1772 or whatever.
i don’t hate, i celebrate..

Fish ON!

Another reason Hip Hop sucks in 2011..

cos this tour ISN’T coming to london.aks yourself, why is that?

Sadat X Talks About The Crack Era

and we listen. I never knew he was deep into the streets like that – “slow down”

“and i’m the king Ad Rock..”

great interview from the king ad whammy.talking bout before there were samples…tape loops.

“banging stones together to make fire”…an insight into the mind of a beatsie boy.

the end result of all that fucking around with tape loops.ill.

Bail ’til you fail…

1. Nickname given to bales of marijuana thrown overboard or out of airplanes in South Florida in the 70’s and 80’s.

2. a new documentary from the creators of Cocaine Cowboys and The U – coming Fall 2010