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Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap – June 2012

I remember seeing an early trailer for this and thinkin it was just another budget affair that probably wouldnt inspire me or educate me. I take that back. Im interested now because the core of the subject matter is less about the artists involved, its about the craft of rapping, although its always nice to see Caz in conversation about how it was actually Barry Manilow & Melle Mel that inspired him. Nice to see that the film will cover the important subject of an individual rappers style, and technique.

The underlying importance of this film is that the millions of worldwide fans who want to know more about the origins of Rap, get to discover the truth behind what the elders grew up with. It is also important because street poetry and the actual ART of rapping and rhyming words is still so integral to the soundtracks of our lives in 2012.

NEW Sparkii Ski & MC Mello ?

Its only been up for a week, but already featured on UK super-producer Sparkii Skis Soundcloud page are random beats, demos, instrumentals of old MC Mello b-sides, and with even just one verse, what seems like a previously unreleased MC Mello track…

Sparkii Ski Feat MC Mello – Musty Aint Avin It

MC Mello – Talk Dem [Instrumental]

He has a co-produced alblum on the way with a group I know very little about too…



From as early as 1987 when the name Sparkie was listed on a Jus Badd release, then soon after on the Comin Correct EP and Blades Lyrical Maniac 12″s, I was always aware of the name Sparkii Ski. Im not gonna spout to knowin too much about Sparkii other than his beat-making ability, he’s part of the En4cers crew with Billy Biznizz and the rest, and he’s produced more MC Mello cuts than I care to recall. Seems he’s been plodding away at a few beats and has some ‘Heritage’ release due in 2012. Keep em peeled…

Fish ON!


dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

Charlie Rose interviews Jay-Z

Charlie Rose, if you dont already know, is a prolific veteran talk show host and journo, here he takes time out with Jigga to discuss the publication of the Decoded book. They cover many subjects over his long career, discussing amongst other things, just how important the rhythm, rhyme, cadence and talent of wordplay is within the culture of Rap singin’. It’s truly refreshing to hear what most of us elders consider to be the backbone of Hip-Hop discussed so openly, with the potential audience of millions, shame the majority of music buyers still only singalong to the choruses, one day at a time eh? Did YOU know that the ‘Bitch’ in 99 Problems was in reference to the canine variety and in no way a misogynistic term? Here it from the camels horses mouth

Regardless of whether you enjoy his music, just listen to the man and recognise the poignancy in Jay-Zs return to his roots to tape this at the Brooklyn Museum, in front of his Mother and extended family.

NB. If all you can say after watching this is in reference to Shawn Coreys cock-up in naming the Fatback record incorrectly, stroll on hater, yer not welcome round here. Were all about that grown jones you jamoke !

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Asher Roth

Compromise is rarely discussed within the realms of Rap. Truth be told, as experienced and elder Hip-Hop listeners, we compromise alot, whether we wish to admit it or otherwise. We accept beliefs and wordplay that we dont care for, simply due to our addiction for musical and rhythmical merit. Ostensibly, if the beat is bangin, were happy to sign up to whatever tosh is being talked about.

We here at the BALLS are grown men, so aggressive behaviour within the soundtrack to our lives is unnecessary, we dont like it [not all the time]. We’re comfortable with ourselves, we dont require threatening strangers reminding us of their masculinity, nor do we need ugly as bum-hole men Rapping about how they will remove us from this mortal coil if we choose to be anything other than harmonious in terms of their view-points of the world around us.

More often than not in 2010, Rappers like Asher Roth, and others that metaphorically veer off to the left, keep us interested. We’ve heard them all, we know that Rapping about Rapping is spent, it is done, we’ve witnessed more battle rhymes than Kat Stacks has witnessed weener. We can harp on about what we like til were blue in the face, but Hip-Hop means alot of different things to alot of different people and we respect that.

The BALLS got they own view, a view that harks back to when we began listening. For me personally, it was the Summer of 1981, but Roth is so refreshing in his outlook, he infuses a sense of spirit that I cant say I feel from the majority of MCs, even the ones I have time for. Pardon the hyperbole but it is truly TRULY inspiring to hear a kid like Asher articulate emotion, sensibility and a visionary Hip-Hop view-point in 2010

When I feel like punching some numb-nuts in the back of the head for being an inconsiderate numpty in a supermarket car park, or dropping litter beside a bin, I might turn up the volume and press play on an MC REN EP [I would never actually raise a fist to anyone, I dont wish to be remembered as a murderer]. When I dont wish to be threatened by my headphones, when I dont feel like hearing materialistic comments or basic bragadocio, I sometimes listen to Asher Roth, and I feel young again. That’s how this fellas output affects me, and I salute the young man, as well as his many mates who are almost equally as entertaining [HAHAYO]. His work brings me back to what I have always felt was THEĀ  important issue of Hip-Hop, the bloody words that Rappers rap !!

Asher Roth may or may not be your cup of tea but joisus Bobby, there aint many that take me back to those days when I looked forward to new material.

Big respect is automatic, white…

DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Video Footage – WKCR 89.9


sounding a whole lot punchier and filled out since it leaked , wiz’s lead single gets a dope visual.

wave your terrible towels and spark an ez wider!.t.g.o.whatever..

and in this short interview he explains a little about his relationship with his new label.

funny how in rap, we talk about the business rather than the music.doing promo is wack.