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“living like i just can’t feel no pain”

you know me, i’m all about the multi culti, and all flavours coming together, so i’m hyped about this..
spitta gets down with creative people..i think damon dash is doing good things over there at dd1772 or whatever.
i don’t hate, i celebrate..

“the best in the game, and i’m a white chick”

Fish ON!


dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

“fuck around and get a tattoo”

schoolboy Q & jay rock brink that 2011 gangstashit. the west is coming back hard right now.

Big K.R.I.T. Can’t Be All

some dope introspection from mississippi native Big a londoner, his accent is almost as big a draw for me as his lyrics.

nice exploration of the themes suggested by Jay Z in “This cant be life”..Rap really did raise me..

and scarface’s verse bring tears everytime i hear it.

“show our audience how to do a little scratching..”

tv pedo.

Get Help, Seriusly!

so, hamilton is a bit like the guy in cling film trousers, you can see he’s nuts!

he’s gone and found his old sparring partner serius jones getting a fresh, and he’s “GONE in”

THIS HAPPENED this week, but charles has BEEN crazy already..