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“the hood tour of halifax”

nardwuar comes correct as always, really getting Kendrick Lamar out of his shell with some compton momento’s, vinyl, and pictures of the white guy from CMW.

watch @ 9.00, as Narduar aks’s JAY ROCK, the gangsta rapper about J to the ROC, from the park…

Live Again..

the barry white drums get a dust off..and some knowledge gets dropped.first time iv’e heard this Schoolboy Q…dopeness all round.Cali Iz Active right now.

Are you fucking kidding me?

operator: yes, what is the emergency?

Iv’e been hearing Kendrick Lamar’s name for a  little while..some saying he’s just a regional sensation in cali, and others just saying watch out, cos dude has it.

kid: there is a man killing a beat.

operator: do you know who it is?

kid: its kendrick lemar..

operator: bow in his presence.