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Kid Capri on WBLS 1992

This YouTube clip may only contain a 30 minute tape rip segment of a radio show from 1992, but it’s a 30 minutes segment of a Kid Capri radio show from 1992.

This is exactly why I get hyped about Rap radio. Bangin 92 Rap, compressed, sounding chunky and cut up by a dope DJ.

Capri mawls Bite This by Shante then blends in How to Kill a Man for good measure, that alone in all it’s hissy glory is enough to make a middle-aged man-fan weep, and nod his head uncontrollably.

Shouts to MusicMan

DPG – Behind the scenes

Snoop continues to bless us with these simplisticly entertaining clips. This time with cameos from Kid Capri, Mike Epps and the Wiz. Its all about hearin Snoop talk about digging with the Kiiiiid. Tabernacle indeed !