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Whilst checking out this Harry Fraud producer guy , i stumbled on this, expecting to hate it, due to the two gentleman rhymers, but, no, this is that dope right here, and i surrender my now former opinions about both dudes.

i was sleeping on them, but at least i’m honest. and open minded.

The Break.

Related: Dirt Nasty Freestyle, hilarity indeed.

!!NEW Jackie Chain “Road Less Traveled”NEW!!

makes sure the bass is pumping, or you dont really hear this…

“holding the mic, like a tire iron”

i could just see this dude, working in a quik-fit..calls himself casey valentino. just awful..oh, and you can NEVER be him.

but what happens when wiggers go to see TOO $HORT, and get onstage?


“come with all the swagger, but your’e lacking all the substance”!!NEW MAC MILLERXKHRYSIS!!

“the best in the game, and i’m a white chick”

As Westwood used to say “let’s take it from the break to the beat…”

and have something really BOOM>

how come no-one ever got at sting for the fake jamaican accent on “walkin’ on di moon”?cos the po-lice(even more frustration for the black man) were dope.wiggers with attitude, and a dope drummer, in stuart copeland. no relation to devin..seems they inspired someone, though..



new bishop lamont, feat sonreal…shameless catering to the college crowds.good to hear any new nathaniel though.